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Regression is the measure of the relationship between two or more variables. Regression analysis is the statistical technique that uses a model to estimate the relationship between variables. Regression uses dependent and independent variables. An independent variable is one that the researcher varies to make observations. The dependent variable is the outcome of changing the independent variable. Knowledge of regression is applied in daily activities, sometimes without noticing it. For instance, for students to determine the factors that affect their GPA, they make use of regression analysis. However, the concept is not as straightforward as it sounds. There has to exist proof that one factor is leading to a change in another. Regression is applicable in many fields such as psychology, nursing, research papers, business, finance, accounting, medicine, and engineering, among other areas.

Below is a baseline model where y is the dependent variable, xi are the independent variables, βi are the coefficients, n is the number of independent variables, and £ is the error.
Yi = β0+β1x1+…+βnxn-1+£ where i=1,2,…,n

Types of Regression Analysis Help

1.Linear Regression Analysis Help

It is the most common regression analysis. It is used when there is a linear relationship between variables. There are two types of linear regression: simple linear and multiple linear regression. In simple linear regression analysis, there is one dependent variable and one independent variable. A multiple linear regression model comprises of one dependent variable and two or more independent variables. Our writers are well-equipped to carry out any of the two types of regression analysis.

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2.Logistic Regression Help

This type of regression analysis is useful in finding the probability. It is applicable in cases where there are binary dependent variables like yes/no or true/false

3.Polynomial Regression Help

If independent variables have a power greater than one, this is the type of regression analysis learners should conduct. An example of a polynomial regression model is y = β0+β1x². Students may find it hard to establish such relationships, hence looking for regression analysis help.

4.Ridge Regression Help

When multi co-linear variables exist, this is the most appropriate analysis to use.

5.Lasso Regression Help

Researchers use this analysis when high levels of accuracy are required. It also gives results with low variability.

Irrespective of the analysis help you are looking for, we link you with the most experienced writers in the field.

Importance of Regression Analysis

With regression, analysts can establish the impact various independent variables have on a dependent variable. They can further identify which variables do not matter, thus can be ignored. Different fields of study use regression analysis differently. Therefore, its importance varies from industry to another. Learners in different courses can get relevant help from

How to Conduct Regression Analysis

The research question determines which variables to use as independent or dependent. It is crucial to come up with research questions that will lead to accurate conclusions. The learner then uses these variables to formulate a hypothesis. Some assumptions should be met before carrying out a regression analysis. These are:

  1. Linear relationship
  2. Multivariate normality
  3. No or little multi co-linearity
  4. No auto-correlation
  5. Homoscedasticity

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Before starting to analyze the given data, our writers conduct the appropriate tests to check if the given data sets meet these assumptions. Below are the important formulae for linear regression Y=a + bx (linear regression line equation) Where Y is the dependent variable, x is the independent variable, and solutions to a and b are obtained as

Regression Analysis Help Topics

Below is a list of some areas our clients have excelled in, after seeking assistance from our writers

  1. Probit Regression
  2. Multi Co-Linearity
  3. Non-Parametric Regression
  4. Simple Linear Regression
  5. Ordinary Least Squares Regression
  6. Multiple Linear Regression
  7. Logistic Regression
  8. Confidence Interval Estimation
  9. Best Fit Equation
  10. Residual Error
  11. Bootstrapping
  12. Stepwise regression

Our help is not limited to such topics only. We have writers that are knowledgeable in statistical analysis software, providing you with more credible answers. Should you be required to analyze data manually, do not hesitate to place your order.

Why Pay Regression Analysis Help? has successfully walked the academic journey with thousands of students. We have worked with numerous return clients. Professionalism has been our guiding pillar towards helping produce knowledgeable learners. Our writers produce detailed tasks that students have attested were easier to grasp that some classwork concepts. We work round the clock to ensure no paper is submitted late. The low revision rates tell you how competent our writers are. Although we get many applications, we only recruit those that prove capable of completing reasonable and accurate regression analysis solutions. Plagiarism is a no go area for our writers. We encourage them to use scholarly sources to come up with reliable information. Urgent papers do not scare us. We help you beat the deadlines you thought were unmanageable.

Application of Regression Analysis

There are vast applications of regression. However, two significant applications of regression analysis are forecasting and optimization. With linear regression, learners can evaluate trends and predict estimates. They can also analyze marketing effectiveness and the effect of promotional events on sales. Our writers have years of analyzing such data even using SPSS, R, STATA, and Excel, among other software. Once you provide the required instructions, our writers convert the raw data into analyzed information, ready for interpretation. They further interpret the data if the guidelines expect them to do so.

Mathematics and statistics are not likable by many. Some learners cannot tolerate the numerous and sophisticated formulae used. Matters get worse when their instructors require them to analyze data. We have assisted students who could not graduate for failure to sufficiently back up their academic projects. Some of these were needed to use regression analysis to make valid conclusions. However, upon using our analysis assistance, they graduated and proceeded to their areas of interest. Statistics requires a passionate and knowledgeable writer. If one does not understand what regression is, they cannot conduct regression analysis. Make use of our qualified writers to produce a meaningful thesis with a blend of various statistical methods. These include applying regression analysis techniques.

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