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Linear programming is a statistical and mathematical concept used to distribute limited resources among competing activities efficiently. This technique is used to maximize profit function, revenue, and contribution margin, or to minimize cost functions, subject to constraints. This subject was developed by American statisticians to help solve economic problems. The general form of an LP problem/model consists of the following three components:

Linear Programming Homework Help

1. Variables and their Relationships

They are represented by X1, X2, ... , Xn. The value of these activities represents the extent to which each of these is performed. They are also called decision variables, and the values of these decisions are always non-negative. That is, X1 ≥ 0, X2 ≥ 0, . . . . Xn ≥ 0.

2.The objective function

It is a mathematical representation of the goal or objective of the problem.

3. Constraints

They are a set of linear inequalities and linear equalities, used to express the restrictions/limitations of available resources. Such restrictions include labor, machine, raw material, space, money, etc. They limit the degree to which objectives are achieved.

Having identified the components of a linear program, what next? Students find it difficult incorporating them in a model. If you are having trouble formulating the objective function or coming up with feasible zones, get our linear programming help

Application areas of linear programming

Before even going to various problems associated with LP, it’s essential to know its applications. Students can understand how to actualize concepts based on their uses.

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Agricultural Sector Linear Programming Assignment

It is applied in farm economics and farm management. Economics part concentrates on a country’s agricultural economy. Management, on the other hand, is concerned with problems of the individual farm. Linear programming skills help increase production while utilizing limited resources like land and labor.

Military Linear Programming Assignment

Agencies can select air weapons against enemies. They can identify the number of defense units required while saving time and transport costs.

Production Management Linear Programming Assignment

There are applications such as product mix, production planning, assembly-line balancing, blending problems, and trim loss. Students with assignments in any of these areas get help on linear programming from professionals in our team.

Financial Management Linear Programming Assignment

It is another crucial area that uses linear programming. Students learning portfolio selection require LP skills. They also need this concept to help identify strategies for profit maximization.

Marketing Management Linear Programming Assignment

Linear programming technique helps in selecting appropriate advertising media. Marketing students with such projects can apply LP to show how to minimize costs but maximize exposure. This method is also used in assigning the most favorable regions for locating firms.

Personnel Management Linear Programming Assignment

The human resource department also requires people who can handle linear programming to provide solutions. Problems in this department may include staffing, equitable salaries, and job selection. Therefore, if you are a human resource student, you know why linear programming is in your coursework.

There are other applications like in education, fleet management, hospital administration, and capital budgeting, among others. From the vast uses of linear programming, we receive numerous orders. They differ in setting, depending on who requires the information.

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Production Scheduling Assignment Help

Linear programming can be used in production scheduling. It optimizes a linear objective function subject to a set of linear constraints. Students in production scheduling courses have to solve production problems. Our writers have been providing such solutions for years. Therefore, they possess perfect skills in such topics.

Simplex Method Assignment Help

Simplex is one method of solving linear programming problems. Some students start working on them, and it gets messy in the middle. You do not have to waste time to get stuck. By using linear programming help, you get step by step workings.

Monte Carlo Simulation Assignment Help

These simulations can be used to solve optimization problems. Students often look for this help. Our writers examine how to implement the simulations best and come up with a solution. Some teachers require students to prove the simulation. Others ask them to come up with models given a particular problem. There are also others that need learners to use different programs to solve problems. The method you instruct us to use is the one we adopt.

Task Assignment Assignment Help

It refers to the class of linear programming problems that involve determining the most efficient assignment of tasks. These may include assigning people to projects, contracts to bidders, jobs to machines, and so on. The objective is most often to minimize total costs or total time of performing the tasks at hand. We have received orders that vary in complexity on this topic. We are confident to say that all the solutions we provided were among the best. The more we receive such tasks, the broader our experiences grow. Do not feel reluctant to seek help in topics that you think may drag your performance down.

Transportation and Transhippment Problem Assignment Help

Of course! It will not be the first task we handle regarding transportation and transshipment problem. It is a select type of linear programming problem. It involves minimizing the cost of distributing a product from several origins to several destinations. We help to solve these problems manually or run them through programs as per the instructions. With our research methods experts on board, you can never go wrong

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Other topics relating to linear programming include:

  1. Integer programming
  2. Sensitivity analysis
  3. Duality
  4. Integer programming
  5. Sensitivity analysis
  6. Duality
  7. Inventory control problems

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