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Writing a dissertation can be a tedious and mind-boggling task for any student. They have to come up with the right topic and conduct thorough research based on a certain hypothesis. Additionally, scholars must manipulate the collected data to prove the relevance of their study. Chapter four of any dissertation entails data analysis and interpretation, irrespective of your field of study. This section can be challenging for those with an inadequate statistical background. It can also consume time even for those pursuing courses in statistics and mathematics. Consequently, students look for people to help with data analysis for their dissertation. Mypaperhelpers.net provides an excellent platform to not only be assisted to complete a dissertation but also learn and grow.

Professional help with dissertation statistical analysis

For your entire study to make sense, you must base it on credible research. After collecting data and making the proper amends, you must conduct data analysis. The results obtained will tell whether the hypothesis you were testing is true or false. They will also help in answering the various research questions that you had formulated. Our professional data analysts will help in any of the following steps of your analysis;

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Research methodology: Before embarking on conducting the actual research, you must plan on the most efficient method to use. We can help you to decide on the design, target population, sample size, method of data collection, and so on.

Research design: If you are not sure about the most suitable design for testing your hypothesis, we can help you with that.

Variable selection: Variables require to be chosen using statistically tested approaches which our writers can comfortably do

Sample size calculation: A sample is a unit that is studied to represent the entire target population. We can help you come up with the most ideal sample size to yield accurate results

Sample size justification: You must give a satisfactory reason as to why you settled on that specific sample size. If it is too small, it might not be quite representative hence giving inaccurate results. A sample size that is too big will be costly and consume a lot of your research time.

Test statistics: Mypaperhelpers.net will help you settle on the best test statistic for your study, depending on the research objectives and questions.

Validity and reliability tests: Besides analyzing your data, you must prove that the results are reliable and valid. Our team of experts can also help you carry out the required tests for the same.

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Data interpretation: Your data loses meaning if the results are not interpreted and represented in the right manner.

Tips on great dissertation statistical analysis

The following considerations will help you to conduct the proper analysis for the data you collect;

  1. Collect data that is relevant to your research questions and objectives
  2. Choose appropriate tools and methods of collecting and analyzing data
  3. Have a blend of both qualitative and quantitative data analysis
  4. Analyze the data thoroughly in a way it fully reflects your study
  5. Use different methods to present your results e.g. tables, charts, graphs
  6. Support your data using appendices such as datasheets, and interview questionnaires
  7. Discuss the various observations from the analyzed data and clearly state the findings
  8. Ensure that the data analyzed related to the literature reviewed

Custom dissertation statistical analysis help

A dissertation is one of the most custom academic papers you can write. The results obtained from different individuals' studies vary even if the research topics are similar. The conclusions and recommendations may overlap but your data analysis must be unique. We have reliable data analysts that follow your professor’s instructions while manipulating the data. They also interpret your work uniquely to give it an original touch.

SPSS dissertation statistical analysis

SPSS is one of the statistical packages that students use for their dissertation data analysis. If you are not familiar with the tool, it might end up complicating your work further. If you feel insufficiently ready to carry out data analysis in SPSS, we have expert analysts in that area. Their procedural approach helps students to understand how to go about the various processes. They also use SPSS to represent your findings in the methods you are advised to use or your preferred ones.

Reliable dissertation statistical analysis services

Our writers are conversant with various statistical tools used for data analysis. Therefore, you do not have to worry if you are unfamiliar with the statistical package you are required to use. We can help you produce accurate results using any of the following programs;

  • SPSS
  • Excel
  • E-views
  • PolyStat
  • Stata
  • LaTeX
  • Matlab
  • Minitab among others

Dissertation data analysis techniques

You might encounter several data analysis techniques while analyzing data for a single study. Students must show their ability to interpret the results obtained from the various tests they conduct. Techniques that can be used for your dissertation statistical analysis include;

  • Reliability Estimation
  • Independent, single and paired sample t-tests
  • Friedman's Test
  • Wilcoxon Signed-Ranks test
  • Regression and correlation
  • Power analysis
  • Chi-Square Test
  • Mann–Whitney Test
  • Time series and index number
  • Spearman Rho Correlation
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Repeated Measures ANOVA
  • Negative Binomial Regression
  • ROC Curve Analysis
  • Multinomial Logistic Regression
  • We can help you with any statistical tests required to produce a high-quality dissertation for your master's or doctoral degree.

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    A competent data analyst can help you choose the most effective methods and techniques to use in your study. Our analysts have years of experience analyzing data for graduate, undergraduate and postgraduate students. We receive overwhelming feedback from students whose grades were positively changed by the dissertation. If you want data analysis help with accurate results, use help from mypaperhelpers.net writers. Our prices are affordable and you will be charged according to the amount of work required in the analysis. Some students require us to collect and analyze data while others only need the interpretation. We also have students that come to us seeking help to correct the mistakes spotted by their supervisors.

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