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Over the years, there has been an increasing need to incorporate technology in business. One of the critical technology-oriented aspects is business intelligence (BI). Business intelligence is a technology-oriented process for analyzing data and presenting the information. With the appropriate application of BI, managers, and executives in the corporate world can make informed decisions. There are several tools and methodologies applied by business intelligence. They help collect data from both internal and external systems. The vital role played by BI has resulted in people seeking business intelligence help.

Business Intelligence Help

Types of business intelligence tools

An operational business intelligence system is a combination of various tools. These range from ad hoc analytics and querying to enterprise reporting and online analytical processing (OLAP). There is also mobile business intelligence, real-time BI, and operational BI. Other tools include software-as-a-service BI, open source BI, collaborative business intelligence, and location intelligence.

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Ad hoc analysis is business intelligence (BI) process designed to answer a single, specific business question. This analysis is used to create reports in response to unexpected events like a reduction in the production of an organization. Ad hoc analysis has been known to bring about advantages like:

  • • Provision of current data
  • • Improving decision-making period
  • • Reducing IT personnel workload
Software as a service (SaaS) is another tool vital to business intelligence. It is a software distribution model. It enables a third-party provider to host applications and makes them available to customers over the Internet. SaaS has eliminated the need for organizations to install and run applications on their own, in their data centers. As a result, it comes with advantages such as:
  • • Flexibility of payments
  • • Scalable usage
  • • Automatic performance of updates
  • • Improved user accessibility

Location intelligence is another BI tool that relates geographic contexts to business data. It is designed to turn data into insight for a host of business purposes. It makes use of geographic information systems, aerial maps, demographic information, and in some cases, the organization’s database.

Data visualization for designing charts and infographics, performance scorecards, and key performance indicators, are made possible by BI technology. Business intelligence programs may also incorporate data mining, predictive analytics, and text mining. Business intelligence also includes statistical analysis and big data analytics. For business intelligence data storage, organizations can use data warehouses, or smaller data marts.

What are the benefits of business intelligence?

There are numerous benefits a business may accrue from implementing business intelligence. These include:

  • • Identifying market trends
  • • Spotting business problems that need to be addressed
  • • Gaining competitive advantages over business rivals.
  • • Accelerating and improving decision making
  • • Increasing operational efficiency
  • • Optimizing internal business processes
  • • Driving new revenues

Applications areas of business intelligence

Different industries find business intelligence crucial to them on different levels. Manufacturing industries, for instance, use business BI for order shipment and customer support. Retailers use it for user targeting and profiling, while financial and banking services use it for claims and risk analysis. Transportation industry finds BI necessary for fleet management. Telecommunications also apply business intelligence to understand customer drop off rates. Power usage analysis by the power and utility organizations also makes use of business intelligence technology. These are some crucial functions that keep the industry running. That is why provides business intelligence help to various entities that need to embrace its benefits.

Examples of business intelligence software systems

1. Sisense: It is a platform where users that join can analyze and visualize information for better decision making and strategizing.
2. Looker: This is a platform that provides insights for every department. Data analytics teams find this an essential app for data recovery and exploration. Here, reports can be built and shared, enabling the right decision making among businesses.
3. Datapine gives BI and data visualization to help make sense of an organization’s data. It facilitates the use of actionable and smart business decisions.
4. Zoho Analytics is a data analytics app that enables online reporting and self-service business intelligence. It helps process big data, tracks key performance indicators, and identifies trends.

There are limitless software systems for business intelligence, and they continue to develop as needs emerge.

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How can business intelligence be successfully implemented?

For an organization to implement the right BI technology, it should consider information and decisions they aim at reaching. It should further establish the presentation method of data. Some organizations will go for reports and online charts while others use hard copies. A sound BI system is rich in context. It not only explains what happened but the underlying factors bringing about the result. Having considered the information and decisions to be arrived at, it is time to implement the BI systems.

The data should be clean to avoid corrupting the system. The organization should schedule adequate training of the users. The deployment should be fast, leaving the perfection of reports to adjustments with the system's continuity. The organization should ensure they use an integrated approach to come up with a workable data warehouse. It is also vital to establish the benefits the organization aims to achieve and conduct frequent reality checks. Having deployed the BI system, the organization should then focus on achieving its objectives.

What problems could be associated with business intelligence?

Regardless of the benefits that a BI system may come with, organizations may encounter various problems in the roll-out process. Like any other change is faced with resistance, there might be user resistance. There could also exist irrelevant or low-quality data. It is, therefore, essential coming up with accurate insights and standardized data. Business intelligence tools may be confused with business analytics tools. Prior knowledge that BI is a reporting and not management tool might help come up with the right tools. Also, most companies do not understand their processes well. For a business intelligence system to efficiently work, organizations should realize activities involved in their operations.

In conclusion, every organization that aims at cutting cost, increasing revenue, or improving decision making can make use of BI technology. It does not matter the size of the firm or type of industry. With a sound business intelligence system, reporting is made more manageable, and objectives achieved fast. At, you find the business intelligence help you need from the experts.

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